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Mar 24


um idk

Mar 21

When your mom puts on her oldies and you know every word,

And she looks at you sing like:


You’re just into it:


And she joins in and y’all are like:

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Jan 22

Sex In The Shower

  1. Sex In The Shower

    The phone rings..i roll over then i answer it..its my baby with that sexy voice that turns me on. Telling him how i been thinking about him all day, he tells me the same saying “You have no idea how bad i want you now, how bad i want to eat your pussy and fuck you all night” Without any hesitation I told him to come over, told him that i would leave the key under the mat saying “Baby just let yourself In”. I started the shower..hoping to be out bout time he came, but plans were different. In the shower the warm water strolling down my body made me fiend more for my baby dick..and how a whole lot of kissing and touching was bout to go down..a few minutes later hands caressed my thighs and that same sexy voice said “daddy’s home”.

    I turned around and kissed his oh so sexy lips..As he took me down to the floor of the shower he sucked on my neck with passion, whispering “Relax” in my ear Turned Me on even more..Him on top of me i wrapped my legs around him..he took me into Ecstasy Has he slipped his dick in to my pussy and started to slow fuck. The shower head was still running Making us all wet..Pushing his dick all the way inside me made me reach down and rub my clit..He sped up„Me..With one leg damn near behind my head let out a loud “Ohhh Daddy”. It Must have turned him on because He started to go faster letting my sticky juice cover his dick And This Tight Pussy Made Him Bust….daddy was hitting that shit right because of the way I Grabbed His Back like i was trying to hold on for dear life..With both of my legs still around his waist..he fucked harder and faster making every stroke count…hitting that G spot Every time„He Could tell That I Came because of how my legs tightened around his waist and how i threw my body forward, With My Body Feeling Lifeless he picked me up and put me on the shower wall..Legs Around him, One Hand grabbing is hair and the other holding on to the rail in the shower I said “oh my god ahhh fuck me babe” as he continued his stroke…still stroking he sucked on my titty and i started to go crazy..It don’t matter how clean we was in the shower…shit started to get dirty..He pulled out and my eyes rolled backwards..Intense looks in each others eyes he says “Baby we not done yet” He Bends down..still With My back Up against the all..he looks up and says “Clime Up” With out a Doubt i put both legs on his shoulders..and he starts to eat uncontrollably..shit felt so good That i Started thrusting my Hips Riding His Tongue…and Just When I Was Going To Cum Again my Legs started shaking and my body gave out..with my legs still on his shoulders..he guided my back to the floor of the shower again, Them i came all over his tongue..he licked from my pussy to my stomach to my titty leaving a trail of my cum on my body Then he kissed me damn near sucking my bottom lip off Then He Whispered “night night time baby girl” Picking me up out of the shower and taking me to the bed room and put me on the bed…Weak„Pussy Swollen„Lost voice….Yea that’s  how sex Supposed To Go


Jan 22


When I Tell You That I Love You You Dont Listen…Its Like Im Talking To Myself..He Is My Heart And Dont Understand..He thinks All Females are The Same , And That I Will Do Him Wrong…WHY?

One Minute I Turn Around And he Is Happy„ The Next He is Mad About Something I Done…The Thing Is…I Dont Know What i Have Done….WHY?

He Questions My Love For Him..& when he does That I feel As Though I Cannot Breath..My Heart Gets Heavy..Does He Know That It hurts When He Does That?…WHY?

Yes! A Lot Of Females Be On His Top…But I Also Know That He tells Me All The Time He Only Wants Me, Not Only Is he The Love Of My life but he is the best thing that ever happened to me…but sometimes all i can do is ask WHY?

Jan 22


Jan 22

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